Our values represent the cornerstones of our culture. Rooted in a rich history and future-focused, we are led by principles that define our decisions and inspire us day after day.

Always Be a Headliner

The Headliner connection is constant. Say hello to the person dancing next to you, give high-fives and good vibes, and keep it going beyond the festival gates.

Spread Love

While each Insomniac event has its own identity, one thing always remains the same—the presence of our Headliners. By staying true to our core beliefs, we hope to inspire and unite our community, wherever we are.

Respect the Space

Take care of your environment, and it will take care of you. Pick up that stray piece of trash. Recycle that bottle. Do your part to keep things beautiful.

Ignite Positivity

Our events are rooted in positivity. We encourage you to amplify your energy and share it with those around you. You create the vibe.

Embrace the True You

We aspire to create safe, judgment-free spaces where you can celebrate your individuality. However you choose to express yourself, just be you.

Care for One Another

We all play a role in creating a safe and healthy environment. Look out for your friends, welcome your neighbors, and be courteous to the locals who help make each event happen.

Be Open to Experience

Seek, discover, and participate in the unimaginable. Explore new music, and make new friends. Be present, and welcome the unexpected.

Keep the Beat Going

From old-school heads to first-time ravers, this community spans generations. Whether it’s your third or your thirty-third event, share the advice you’ve gathered.